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How to create A group

Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on your avatar and choose My Groups. Click the + button then choose New Group... Enter the name of the group. The name must be at least four and less than 36 characters long. Every group name must be unique in Second Life; you won't be allowed to create a group that has the same name as an existing group. Optionally, create a group insignia (image) by clicking on the image thumbnail and then choosing a texture from your inventory. Optionally, write a brief description of the group. To make the group open (anyone can joing without an invitation) select Anyone can join. If you don't select this, then only those invited will be able to join. If you want the group to have a cost to join, select Cost to join and choose a number of L$. Select the group's maturity rating. Click Create Group and confirm your choice when prompted. After you create a group, one of the first things you will want to do is to set up roles and abilities.

Managing roles and responsibilities

Roles determine the abilities group members have and thus what they can do in a group. Additionally, each group role has a corresponding title. Each group can have up to ten roles, including the default roles owner, officer, and everyone. For a basic introduction to roles, titles and abilities, see Joining and participating in groups.

To create a new group role:

1. Open the group profile.

2. Click Roles to display the Roles section.

3. Click the ROLES tab

4. Click New Role.

5. Enter: • Role Name for the new role. • Role Title for the role. If you have this role in your active group, the title appears inworld above your avatar name. • Description of the role. 6. Select abilities for the new role under Allowed Abilities. Note: Group members with the ability to create new roles can only assign abilities they have within their own active role. Abilities define a role's level of control over group matters such as land, Linden dollars, membership, titles, and so on. To see a complete list of group abilities and their descriptions:

1. Open the group profile.

2. Click Roles to display the Roles section.

3. Click the ABILITIES tab. You will see a list of all abilities. Click on an ability to see a description and a list of roles in the group that have that ability.

How to deed a group to Your land

1. Go to the land and right-click it. Select About Land from the pie menu.

2. Click on the General tab.

3. Click the Set button next to the Group name. A list of groups will appear.

4. Select the group you want and click Set.

5. Check the Allow Deed to Group box and click the Deed button.

How to subdivide your land

Right-click the ground and choose Edit Terrain, or hit ctrl-5. A dialogue box will pop up. Your mouse can now be used to draw a yellow bounding box to select the portion of land you wish to divide into its own parcel (see the image below). Simply left click your mouse at the starting point, and hold the mouse button down while dragging your mouse to select the parcel. If you make a mistake, simply let go of the mouse button, close out the menu and start over again. Do this until you have the area selected that you wish to divide. With the area selected, you can now click Subdivide under Modify Terrain in the Edit Terrain menu. It will prompt you to confirm the split. Once you have agreed – your land will be divided into two separate parcels.

How to join your land

Check that both parcels of land are adjacent (they must share a border at some point). Check that both parcels are within the same region. You cannot join land across a region boundary. Check that both parcels have the same owner. You cannot, for example, join your group land to your personal land. Next, right-click the ground and choose Edit Terrain or hit Ctrl-5. Now you are ready to create the yellow bounding box. Left click and hold your mouse down, and drag the yellow selection such that it spans the border between the two parcels you want to join (see the image below). You need to have selected a little land from both parcels that are to be joined. You do not need to select all of both parcels, just some from both. With that done, you should now be able to click the Join button under Modify Terrain in the Edit Terrain menu. . With both parcels now joined into one, check the About Land window. Firestorm users click World – Parcel Details, or simply right-click the ground and choose “About Land” and make sure that your settings are correct.