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Residential-Light commercial-No Clubs Allowed



Preferred Land Sales


Revised 12/12/2018


Residential-Light commercial-No Clubs Allowed


                                      No Clubs on Homesteads


Pets are allowed


No Breeding


REGION RESTART is by REQUEST-If region is busy we will restart once it slows down unless it has to be restarted immediately


We strive to give the best customer service we can. All questions/troubles must be submittied by a trouble ticket at or the main office. Do not send in trouble tickets or notecards to the Owners. We sometimes may not be on for a day or 2 and they get lost in the vast amount we get so the fastest way to get help is a trouble ticket


Be advised if you pay anyone other than Joeymike Residentt or tbcss Resident or the Atm at the main office you might get scammed out of your money, We do not put tier boxes on any land so please be careful.


After you buy the land with the first weeks tier a manager will add you to the ATM. This can take up to     8 hours depending on Managers  available.



1. Grace period for late tier is 24 hours, after which land may be reclaimed unless arrangements for a late payment is made *BEFORE* tier is due.  If it appears you have already moved, land may be reclaimed before the end of grace period. If you turn off the reminders on your tier box we will not be notifying you that you are late. You must keep track of due dates. Also if your land is taken back and objects returned we are not responsible for lost non-copy items.


2. You may deed your land to any group you wish to. To deed the land to a group you need to set the group in the "about land" window, then toggle "allow deed to group" and press the "deed" button. Once you have done that, you will need to deed any media objects as well to have them work properly (such as TV’s or radios).

Please check your group setup to ensure that that only the correct people have access to your group Preferred land Sales is not responsible for improperly setup groups or land / objects taken by members of the group when the group is setup improperly.


3. Tier can be transferred to another person  *BUT YOU MUST* notify estate ownership/management of the land sale within 24 hours. We do not refund money for any reason. You can rent your land to get your money back if needed too.


4. Complete use of the "Access" tab on the "About Land" window *IS PERMITTED* on land under this covenant.

Moving from one parcel to another:


5. UPGRADING: Anytime, remaining tier will be transferred to your new location

DOWNGRADING: At the end of your paid time

Under a valid reason we can move you but please keep in mind it cost us money and time to move you. Also you must permission to move if you expect your tier money to be moved.


6. No temporary rezzers are allowed due to causing excessive lag


7. A region is limited to a fixed number of avatars. Do not  exceed your fair share of avatars

Homestead                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1/2 - 2ms                         10 avatars

1/4 - 1ms                            5 avatars

1/8 - .5ms                           3 avatars


Full region:


1/2 - 3.5ms                       50 avatars

1/4 - 1.75ms                     25 avatars

1/8 - .75ms                       12 avatars

1/16th - .5ms                     5 avatars


Up to 1 Pet allowed per 2048m2 on a Full Prim region and 1 per 4096m2 on a homestead region. For example, if you rent an 8192m2 Full Prim parcel, you will be allowed up to 4 Pets



8. Tenants who continues to go over the parcel limits or pet limit will be removed from the region with no refund. Remember other tenants are paying for a lag free sim.                                                                                       

9. Low-lag Security systems are acceptable, but must give at least a 10 second warning before ejecting someone or sending them home.


10. Security system detection must be restricted to your parcel only. When it crosses to neighbors land the Security system will be returned without a warning.


11. Estate management may need to return items to you if they significantly contribute to lag.


12. Sky boxes/structures are allowed 1000 meters and higher


13..Do not rez items beyond your PARCEL BOUNDARY(To turn on the parcel boundary line go to World> Show more> Check Property Line). Items not within your parcel will be AUTOMATICALLY RETURNED by the neighbor or  the REGION OWNER.



 14. Terraforming is allowed up to 5 mtrs above the ground level and 100 mtrs below ground level


15. We do not provide maintenance or adjustments for the landscaping items and terrain shape set on the land upon purchase.



16. No structure on the ground should be have more than 3 stories or rise taller than 35 meters in overall sim altitude as measured by the "Z-value" of a 1m x 1m x 1m prim placed on top of the structure. This pertains to structures and does not cover walls This is measured from the sim base ground which is usually around 20 meters


17. The height of fences should not exceed 6 meters from the base of the sim which is usually around 20 meters.


Boarder walls are allowed if in good taste such as trees or stones. Please consider your neighbors and maintain the screens within the theme of the sim. Management has the right to ask you to change the wall if not in good taste. Please lower the screens so they are close to the height of your other buildings on the parcel


All parcel walls will be transparent on the outside. Here is the how you would do it


How to Make the outside of your parcel wall invisible


This is how to make the outside of your parcel wall invisible. There may be other ways but this is one way.

1.    Click on the item and select edit

2.    Select select face and click on the outside of the wall

3.    Select texture and under transparency make it 100

4.    That is all there is to it.

5.    Repeat on the other walls.


We do appreciate you understanding and making the sim a better looking place for all tenants to like and live in.



18. If you see ban lines from land next to yours, consider turning off your view of the lines:

  - Viewer 1.23, Phoenix, other TPVs based on v1: Go up to the “View” menu at the top of the viewer, select “Banlines”

  - Viewer 2.xx and 3.xx: Go up to the “World” menu, select “Show”, then “Ban Lines”

  - Firestorm: Go up to the “World” menu, then select “Show More”, then “Ban Lines



19. No flying, rotating, generally annoying signs or structures, or general eye sores as determined by estate management.


20. No light sources that cast light onto other parcels, or annoying blinking lights/colors visible outside of buildings. If projected into other parcels we may at our discretion return the items.


21. Any tenant looking for changing the environment on their parcel here is the links to help change the windlight settings


Try using this format with changing the 2 setting you want to change

/*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] SUNRISE - Defenderz 1" Water: "Default"RegionOverride*/


22. Out of respect for the neighbors, sound and voice must be limited to Your parcel. parcel.  In parcel's Media configuration window, please ensure that the "Restrict Voice to this parcel" checkbox is checked if Voice is enabled.  Also make sure to check the box to "Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel".


23.. Please keep your neighbors in mind when decorating your parcel, objects that others may find offensive are not recommended. If neighbors complain we will use our best judgement and may return the items in question to you and ask that you not place them out in the future. When in doubt you are welcome to ask a staff member or consult with your neighbors to see if they would have any problems with the decor you wish to use. In general if your neighbors don't mind, neither do we.


Recommended Security Settings:


24. In order to enhance everyone's experience  and at the same time establish adequate security to protect the land and the region from most griefer attacks, the following security settings are recommended (you will find them under 'About Land -> Options tab'). You should have object entry and build set to group. Also ensure Edit terrain is unchecked. If you have that checked everyone can edit your terrain, If you decide to leave the object entry and build open and a griefer is using your land there is a change the land could be taken back if being used by griefers


25.Please don't involve our staff in your dispute with neighbors, behave as an adult. In a worst case scenario you may report abuse via Linden Labs, but please only do that as a last resort. Before you file an Abuse Report, please try to reach an amicable solution with the person involved and never file a complaint until you are absolutely sure of the correct offender. Preferred Land Sales is not able to mediate in every situation and is not responsible for your private affairs. It is in your best interest to keep a peaceful environment for your friends, your family, your neighbors and yourself. If our staff is involved we may take drastic action that may include one or all parties being banned without refunds issued. Preferred Land Sales is not responsible for the behavior of your fellow residents. All residents are responsible to abide by the Terms of Service which are developed and improved by Linden Labs as Second Life grows. Preferred Land Sales asks that you read the terms of service (available at If you violate the Terms of Service you risk losing your land and / or having your account closed by Linden Labs. Preferred Land Sales is not able to help you or your alternative accounts if this happens to you.


26. Griefing neighbors is strictly forbidden and may result in immediate reclaiming of the land and banishment of the offending user


If a resident threatens or carries out action that has a hostile intent to inflict direct or indirect financial losses upon Preferred Land Sales the estate management will immediately reclaim any land owned by that resident without refund and the resident will be muted and banned from all affiliated estates. Linden Labs will be notified of the incident.





• Residents are subject to the Terms of Service (TOS) for SecondLife, as provided by Linden Lab, and may have their land reclaimed by estate ownership/management for violation of these terms.


• Estate ownership/management is not liable for quality of service issues stemming from software bugs, outages, or the Terms of Service (TOS) by Linden Lab.



• Residents will be notified of any changes in this covenant


Any questions please contact a member of the management staff

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